Chuck Norris increases Mike Huckabee’s blog traffic: Zeta Interactive

Internet posts on Mike Huckabee spiked 66% during the week that Chuck Norris partnered with the former governor of Arkansas in his presidential run, according to Zeta Interactive.

Although the endorsement caused an increase in conversations around the Huckabee campaign, it was not all positive. Following Huckabee’s endorsement from Norris, the overall tone of posts peaked at 77% positive, versus 82% positive overall prior to the endorsement, according to Zeta Interactive’s RelevantNoise technology, which mines social media sites for buzz and volume of blog posts.

“It’s a blog research tool that lets you scrape information from all of the blogs out there,” said Al DiGuido, CEO of Zeta Interactive. “Think about what Google does for content. Relevant Noise does the same type of thing for the blogosphere. It lets you understand what people are saying based on keywords to denote a tone.”

RelevantNoise looks at content on more than 75 million blogs, as well as message boards and online communities, to give real-time feedback on consumer trends and opinions.
It also measures the influence level of bloggers and gives links to all related posts. In the case of the Mike Huckabee/Chuck Norris collaboration, RelevantNoise detected a slight decrease in positive posts from a mixture of thousands of online authors, ranging from very influential bloggers to lesser-known authors. 

The technology is also able to measure competitors’ Internet buzz as well, including share-of-voice. According to the tool, Sen. Barack Obama’s campaign’s endorsement from Oprah Winfrey caused relatively little surge in volume or change in tone in the social media scene.

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