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Chrysler drives marketing online

In a move to get more measureable data, Chrysler is shifting some of its dollars to online marketing with its new campaign for the 2009 Dodge Journey.

The new online component of the campaign, created in conjunction with the Detroit office of Omnicom agency Organic, is a part of an overall advertising campaign from BBDO, “If you can dream it, do it.” The digital component is the biggest that Chrysler has ever done for a product launch, and comes out of a demand for more data.

“In light of the challenges faced in the automotive industry and the weak economic conditions in the US, there is an increased push to get the most out of their advertising efforts and to be able to quantify the spend,” said Sam Cannon, executive creative director at Organic. “There is a lot of money flowing into the spend in the digital channels to fulfill this appetite for quantifiable results.”

The new campaign, which launched online on April 8, calls consumers to visit Dodge.com/Journey. It includes homepage takeovers of AOL, Yahoo and MSN, and search, e-mail and banner ads.

“Our goal is to drive people to Dodge.com and satisfy their informational needs, whether they are just learning about the new car or to help them get in touch with a dealership,” Cannon added.

The campaign also includes a new TV commercial, created by BBDO, which will launch this week.

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