ChoicePoint Ceases Sale of Mexican Data

Data provider ChoicePoint Inc., Alpharetta, GA, said this week that it would stop buying and selling personal information on Mexican citizens, according to the Associated Press.

Reportedly, the company had obtained data that contained millions of confidential voter records from a Mexican company. The alleged source of the data is being pursued by the Mexican government.

Along with the Mexican records, data on consumers from a total of 10 Latin American countries was included in that database without permission.

ChoicePoint said that the contract with the supplier stipulated that the data was legal. Since the Mexican government found otherwise, the data no longer will be available through ChoicePoint.

In the past, ChoicePoint sold the information to U.S. government agencies to track immigrants entering the country.

The company will continue to collect and offer data from Brazil, Colombia, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua and Venezuela. It has stopped collecting data from Argentina but continues to offer the existing Argentine records that it possesses, said the AP.

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