Chipotle takes content marketing to the next level with its own sitcom

Bet you’d never thought you’d see “an original Chipotle series” at the start of a TV show.

Chipotle’s been given plenty of praise for its original content marketing, most recently it was for its gorgeous animated film The Scarecrow which was a about a dystopian future where evil corporations own the food supply.

It is now taking that concept even further, by creating a seven-episode scripted comedy series for Hulu, titled “Farmed and Dangerous.” The sitcom is all about an evil corporation’s attempt to take over the world’s food supply with genetically manufactured food and the organic food farmers who are out to stop them. 

Here’s a trailer for the show:

Visually, it looks great and lord knows this goes way further than what most brands are willing to do (or have the budget for) when it comes to creating original content. But with many large companies such as Coke investing in their own TV studios, we could be seeing much more of this.

As for the show itself, it looks entertaining enough, but I wonder if it’ll still be as funny knowing a brand is trying to promote itself through it, (even if it keeps its distance from the actual content.) It’s one thing to be entertained by a 30 second commercial. but a half hour of branded content moonlighting as a sitcom? Might start to wear a little thin. Although I did like the joke about what you call an 8-winged chicken (answer: “McCartney.) 

The series premieres on Hulu on February 17th.

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