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Chilcutt Increases Roster of Sporting Files

Chilcutt Direct Marketing, Oklahoma City, has added six new sporting files to its extensive list roster in that category. The people on these lists include hunting, fishing and boating enthusiasts who are active buyers or subscribers.

American Cooner is a publication dedicated to raccoon hunting. The 19,800 active subscribers on the file read about hunting, competitions and raccoon hunter club news.

Boundary Waters catalog has 20,800 active 12-month mail-order buyers of gifts, books, apparel and footwear geared toward the outdoors. These buyers enjoy canoeing, kayaking, hiking, camping and fishing.

Hunter's Horn magazine is the leading publication dedicated to the sport of fox and coyote hunting using hounds. Its 7,800 active subscribers are eager to read stories about hounds and hunting.

Kevin's Gun & Sport Goods catalog has 33,800 active buyers of guns and sporting equipment.

Mepps.com and MisterTwister.com have 15,000 Internet buyers and requesters of avid fishermen. These buyers have purchased or inquired about fishing lures from Mepps or MisterTwister online.

South Carolina Outdoor Databank consists of 268,500 outdoor enthusiasts who have purchased a hunting or fishing license in that state.

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