CheetahMail to Serve on FTC Summit Panel

The Federal Trade Commission selected CheetahMail, a New York e-mail marketing firm owned by Experian, to participate in a panel of experts at the E-Mail Authentication Summit on Nov. 9-10 in Washington.

Frederik Lindberg, CheetahMail’s chief technology officer, will represent his company and Experian on Nov. 10 on a panel called “E-Mail Authentication: Real World Effects.” Margaret Olson, chief technology officer for Constant Contact, Waltham, MA, also will be on the panel, as well as Direct Marketing Association president/CEO John A. Greco.

Panel participants will share knowledge and advise the FTC on the development and deployment of domain-level authentication systems that could reduce spam.

The DMA will have a Webinar on Nov. 22 to go over details of the summit.

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