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Charter, [email protected] Reach Deal to Continue Service for 14,000 Customers

Service could be maintained for about 14,000 customers in the Pacific Northwest of failing high-speed cable Internet provider [email protected] under a deal with Charter Communications, the Associated Press reported Friday.

Charter Communications is a cable provider that uses [email protected] to offer its customers cable Internet access. That service will end once [email protected], which faces bankruptcy, ceases operations.

Several cable companies have pledged a total of $355 million to keep [email protected] running for three more months. [email protected] had said it would shut off service to companies not part of the deal, including Charter, St. Louis.

All but 10 percent of Charter's 145,000 customers who used [email protected] have been moved to a service run by Charter. An [email protected] spokesman said that, under a deal being worked out Dec. 6, Charter would pay less than $1 million to keep [email protected] service through Feb. 28 so it could transition the remaining customers, the AP reported.

A U.S. Bankruptcy Court judge is scheduled to decide tomorrowwhether the deals between [email protected] and its cable partners are legitimate.

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