Chad Slater Opens List Brokerage Company

After years of list brokering for several companies, Chad Slater opened his own brokerage company this week. Integrated Direct Marketing LLC will primarily provide business-to-business list brokerage as well as other database-related services, said Slater who is founder and president of the new company.

“Some of the other services we will be providing are database consulting, working with mailers to build private prospecting databases and working to improve existing cooperative databases,” he said. “We're going to be working with compilers, large list owners and service bureaus to develop new products that go beyond what's out there now with firmagraphic and transaction level information and products to help people eliminate undeliverable and non-responsive businesses.”

Slater also said he will work with service bureaus to enhance current BTB merge/purge logic.

Direct Media Inc., Greenwich, CT, one of Slater's former employers, will provide back-office support for the company. The two also will work together on some database initiatives, said Direct Media CEO David W. Florence.

Most recently, Slater served as a senior vice president and partner at MeritDirect, though Slater filed an arbitration claim against the company in October. The outcome of that action was not made public, and Slater said he could not comment.

Slater said he has hired several people and expects to have 12-15 people on staff by the end of the year. Though he would not name any businesses, he said talk were in progress with several potential clients.

Integrated Direct Marketing is located at One Stamford Plaza, Stamford, CT, and can be reached at 203/564-1937.

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