ChaCha and blinkx make video search human

Video search engine blinkx announced a distribution agreement with ChaCha, a search engine that uses people to enhance its search results.

Under the terms of the agreement, ChaCha will provide its users with video search results from blinkx’s extensive index of the rich media Web. Results can either be culled instantly or by using the support of a ChaCha guide who assists users in real time at

“The strategy behind this is to improve the ability for ChaCha users to access a rich base of video content,” said Brad Bostic, president/co-founder of ChaCha.

ChaCha offers a unique search experience with its use of human intelligence. Users enter their queries into a box, in any form, and results are instantly displayed.

The results are a combination of the search technology and sites chosen by the ChaCha community of 30,000 search experts.

“Blinkx provides vast algorithmic video results that ChaCha’s dedicated community of human guides can improve upon by hand-picking the best possible video results,” Mr. Bostic said. “To achieve an optimal user experience, ChaCha always improves upon computer-generated search results by leveraging human intelligence.”

Blinkx has built a reputation for its ability to search new forms of online content such as video. The company has more than 150 partners and 7,000,000 hours of indexed video and audio content, including favorite TV moments, news clips, short documentaries, music videos and video blogs.

In addition, the company uses advanced speech recognition technology to deliver results that are more accurate and reliable than standard metadata-based keyword searches.

Under the terms of the ChaCha blinkx alliance, both companies will share revenue generated from search results.

“The blinkx partnership helps ChaCha’s users access millions of videos which are relevant to their search terms, thereby improving the user experience,” Mr. Bostic said.

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