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CG Life merges PR and social media, acquires Berry & Company

"Life Merges"
“Life Merges”

CG Life has made a strategic move by merging its public relations and social media functions. The acquisition of Berry & Company aims to create an integrated communications team equipped with both traditional and modern-day strategies.

By bringing Berry & Company on board, CG Life intends to consolidate its online and offline communication platforms. The new strategy will be implemented by a team handpicked from the newly acquired firm which is an expert in both areas.

Reinforcing the team is an experienced manager from MacDougall Advisors. His wealth of skills and knowledge gained from handling various successful projects are expected to enhance the operational efficiency within the team.

Integrating PR and social media: CG Life’s strategic acquisition

His primary role will involve guiding the team to meet set targets and using his industry expertise to drive growth efforts.

The responsibility of leading this strategic team falls on Erik Clausen, a veteran managing partner at CG Life. Clausen brings a wealth of knowledge and demonstrated leadership qualities. His role is significant in promoting progress in the company’s operations and steering strategic initiatives.

Clausen has plans for the tricky terrain of biopharma communication. His strategy involves careful and synchronised planning combined with clear messaging and efficient procedures. Clausen’s commitment to this cause is shown by his desire to unravel complexities for better understanding and collaborations in biopharma communication.

Supporting Clausen’s team is Karen Sharma, formerly from MacDougall and now serving as the Senior Vice President of Public Relations at CG Life.

This strategic restructuring aligns with CG Life’s notable expansion, including the acquisition of digital organization, Toolhouse. This has led to a remarkable growth period for the firm, resulting in a doubling of their workforce under the leadership of CEO David Ormesher.

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