CES Forecasts an Internet of Things Boom in 2016

Use cases for the Internet of Things phenomenon have been slow to market in many areas. Since the advent of wearables, marketers have rallied behind the Internet of Things hype in anticipation of what this marriage between digital connectivity and physical hardware could bring to the world of commerce.

If the products presented so far at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas are any indication, 2016 could be the year that the Internet of Things solidifies from marketing dream to full on marketing channel.

According to Mashable’s coverage from the show floor, evolution and inclusion seem to be key themes in this next phase of connected products. The existing players such as TK and TK are there. Smart watches are getting smarter, with more luxurious exteriors and the launch of an outdoor variant from Casio that targets enthusiasts of activities such as hiking and cycling. Cars, TVs, and washing machines are seeing iteration, as well. But it’s the new products that really underscore the breadth of the Internet of Things movement. We’re talking Bluetooth pregnancy tests, foldable TVs, fridge cams, fridge screens, projector-equipped mobile robots, and a device that scans food and relays its nutritional value. Oh, and smart everything: DSLR cameras, record players, Segways, shower heads, stoves, and a number of self-driving cars that stream media to passengers.

With all this innovation, the Internet of Things—this awkwardly named, sci-fi-esque tech trend—could be a serious piece in the marketing puzzle by this time next year.

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