Centrus to Debut New Service, Software at DMA Show

Qualitative Marketing Software, Clearwater, FL, is set to release a new version of its Centrus Online data quality and enhancement processing services and a new all-in-one data enhancement software program called Centrus Marketing Server at next week's DMA fall conference in San Francisco.

Among the new features to Centrus Online are enhanced demographic information, including cluster codes and current year and five-year projected variables; spatial analyses to pinpoint best customers and prospects; and access to the Centrus Prospector delivery system, which offers instant access to data on more than 100 million households in the United States.

Here's how it works: Users select the services or data products they need to do things such as geocode customer records, append telephone numbers or change addresses by filling out a form on the Centrus Online Web site (www.centrusonline.com). Then, they press a button to upload their files to Centrus' server. Once received, records are processed according to their specifications, and they are notified by e-mail when their files are completed and ready for downloading back onto their hard drives.

QMSoft president Paul Wray said the system can process 1 million records in 75 minutes and allows customers to “press a couple of buttons and receive exact counts delivered to their desktop as quickly as their Internet service connection allows.”

The service, which is free to join and starts at $18 to $20 per thousand records, has no minimum. It's designed for any size company, but most customers have jobs that have 50,000 to 100,000 records. The Centrus Marketing Server, however, which starts at $100,000 for a site license, is for larger list owners. Essentially, it takes the functionality of Centrus Online — including all of the enhancement services and the spatial analyses — and gives customers access to Centrus' services online and merges them with their inhouse databases.

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