CDDB Debuts Software Development Kit

CDDB, Berkeley, CA, a Web-based music-recognition protocol and information exchange, this month released its CDDB2 Software Development Kit, which will allow developers to upgrade their media players to include a number of services. Developers also will be able to integrate a standard suite of Internet features and services directly into their player applications with minimal coding.

The kit will enable media player applications to offer all album credits, music-related dynamic links, more than 252 genre and sub-genres, foreign-language capabilities, band touring and television appearance schedules, a music browser, certified label data, and promotions based on any of the 500,000 album titles listed in the CD database. Access to the service is free to end-users who can opt in for different levels of personalized service via the CDDB2 registration wizard.

CDDB said a number of media player applications, including MusicMatch Jukebox, Sony’s Open MG Jukebox and Media Bar and about 400 other companies have taken part in the program or have already fully licensed the kit. Among its content partners are tour information company Pollstar and Rock on TV, a guide to rock ‘n’ roll on television.

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