CCI Takes Direct Mail Production Online

Communication Concepts Inc. yesterday announced CCI Online Suite, a package of free services that lets project team members design and proof direct mail campaigns online.

When a team member makes creative or technical changes, the rest of the team is notified by e-mail. The e-mails will include HTML or printable digital files with images marking the changes. CCI will send printouts of the changes via overnight delivery upon request.

The service allows marketers to manage their production inventory. If a credit card firm is embellishing its main offer with cross-sells by its marketing partners, for example, the company will be able to see when its partners' materials arrive at the plant.

The service also can be used to respond to customer queries with direct mail, e-mail or a Web survey that CCI will implement at a client's site.

The online services cannot be acquired via the Internet, but orders can be placed through CCI's sales representatives at 215/672-6900.

CCI, Ivyland, PA, focuses on direct mail production and fulfillment for companies with mass billing needs, such as insurance and credit card firms, but it is looking to expand into new markets with the online offering. The firm declined to say how much it spent on the service upgrade or how many clients it hopes to pick up.

“The service will work for us as a strong customer retention and loyalty tool,” said Don McKenzie, president/CEO. “But we also feel that, when we show prospects our traditional ways of doing business combined with our Internet-based products and solutions, it should also bring us new customers.”

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