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CBS adds flavor to its ‘Cane’ push

For the launch of its new fall television series “Cane,” CBS has devised a marketing campaign so good, it melts in your mouth – literally. CBS is using the patent-pending Peel æn Taste dissolving flavor strip to let Rolling Stone magazine readers taste a rum mojito cocktail, supposedly made with Lucia Duque Rum. “Cane” features a Cuban-American family running the successful Lucia Duque Rum business and stars Jimmy Smits.

“Interactive taste messaging is all about getting the consumer to stop and spend a few more minutes with your message,” said Jay Minkoff, president/CEO of First Flavor Inc., the company that makes the Peel æn Taste flavor strip.

The flavor strips are inserted into the September 7 New York and Los Angeles editions of Rolling Stone. The insert includes a thin pouch with the strip, which readers can place on their tongues. The insert was placed by Initiative, the marketing agency working with CBS to develop the campaign for “Cane.”

First Flavor makes the strips for a variety of marketing vehicles, some of which will begin appearing over the next few months. The strips are expected to turn up in store dispensers, promotional material and catalog orders. Not all strips will be accompanied by a coupon.

“If a consumer doesn’t have information about a product, a coupon is one way to encourage trial,” Minkoff said. “However, if consumers know that they like the taste of something before purchasing it, then maybe they don’t need a coupon.”

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