CASL – 3 Months to Full Enforcement

Two important game-changers happen on July 1, 2017:
1. The Private Right To Action kicks in. Some people believe the financial penalties of repeated class action lawsuits from the public is more punishing than the CRTC’s ability to fine up to $10M. The larger the brand, the more exposed you are. An individual is entitled to $200 for every non-compliant email you send them. In this webinar, we will discuss what is and what is not compliant.
2. The end of the grandfathered period for your opt-in list. If you do not know the source, the exact circumstance and language used to gain the opt-in, and the nature of your organization’s relationship with each Canadian individual on your list – DO NOT EMAIL them after July 1, 2017. The CRTC has been forgiving, having allowed three years to bring your email list into compliance. That period ends in 3 months and many marketers are not yet prepared.
There is still time to make changes to your compliance process but you must act now to avoid fines or class action lawsuits!  We will cover the key elements of the law, the 5 stages of CASL compliance and exactly what you need to do in order to legally email Canadians.
Join Derek A. Lackey, President of the Direct Marketing Association of Canada, Author of CASL Compliance: A Marketer’s Guide To Email Marketing To Canadians and creator of CASL Keep™ a comprehensive program to bring organizations into full CASL compliance, for a discussion on the specific actions you should take if you want to continue to email to Canadians.
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