Case study: Corensic Optimizes Search

Client: Corensic
To incorporate data from online campaigns into lead generation profiles for the sales team 

Software development company Corensic, a two-year-old startup based in Seattle, recently changed its name from PetraVM, so it needed to drive traffic to its rebranded website.

Last May, Corensic tapped Optify, a search and lead generation technology company, to help optimize its search results and to help better track leads from online campaigns. 

Strategy: The effort, which is ongoing, includes running banner ads, optimizing keywords in Google and syndicating whitepapers. Optify tracks Corensic’s online traffic, studies where site visitors are coming from, how many times they visit, which pages they view and how long they stay. If a customer opts in, Optify will track this data in a customer profile for Corensic, which is automatically synced with Corensic’s sales team’s tool,

With this insight, Corensic’s sales team matches sales people to leads based on interest. Through the integration with Optify, when a customer comes to the Corensic site and registers, the b-to-b marketer creates a lead inside of and it is integrated with Web behavior information and data intelligence from Optify. 

“Our sales organization can look at this data and see the traffic of a potential lead, which means they can have a much more informed conversation than on a cold call,” says Prashant Sridharan, director of marketing at Corensic. 

Corensic also uses this information to build its SEO strategy. It creates lists of terms aimed at its niche audience and, based on the rankings on each keyword, tweaks the search buy. “I can see which campaigns generate the most leads and see what kind of traffic it is driving, so that I can modify the site and campaigns to drive the best kind of leads and conversions,” adds Sridharan.

Results: Over a three-month period ending in late August, Corensic increased overall site traffic by nearly 50% and organic site traffic by more than 300%. The company also cut reporting times by more than 90%.

“The world of how you reach customers and build leads has changed considerably,” says Sridharan. “Now we know right away what our customers are doing on our site and how effective the campaigns are. We can turn these visitors directly into targeted leads.”

Corensic plans to take a community-specific approach going forward by leveraging Optify to measure how different IT communities respond to various creative. All of this data will be integrated into the sales tools to help drive leads.

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