Caruso Starts Insert Media Company

Leaving one company and starting another can be contentious in an industry where competitors are also customers.

Diane Caruso's departure from Stanton Direct Marketing Inc. to open Choice Media, however, was an amicable one.

Though Stanton Direct is based in Elmira, NY, Caruso opened a satellite office for the company in 1999 in Amherst, NH, where as vice president of insert media she handled the management side of the business. However, Stanton Direct began managing some files out of the Elmira location last year.

“After a year of management clients split between locations and the rising cost of maintaining a satellite office, [Stanton Direct president] Al Stanton and I negotiated an agreement that would benefit both of us,” Caruso told DM News. “This is highly unusual in our industry, and Al and I are proud to part under such friendly terms. We have been friends for over 20 years and will continue to be such.”

Under the agreement, Stanton closed the satellite office, and Caruso started Choice Media in the Amherst location. Choice Media will specialize in insert and print media management. Though Caruso is unaffiliated with Stanton going forward, clients were split based on the type of program and the client's relationship with Stanton.

“Most of the on-page print business remains with me, with the approval of the clients, along with some statement and blow-in programs,” Caruso said.

Caruso began her direct marketing career 20 years ago doing insert media at York Photo. She then worked at Millard Group before joining Stanton Direct. She is a past co-chair of the Direct Marketing Association's Insert Media Council, was named its manager of the year in 2002 and remains a member of the council. Caruso also is a member of the VT/NH Direct Marketing Group.

Programs available through Choice Media include Cap Media C&D Mailings, Pay Day Loan Statements, Motor Vehicle Renewal Statements (Iowa), Parents Kits Sampling Program, Reach Magazine, Intouch Magazine, Housetrends Magazine, Hometown Golf Magazine, Lotto People, Kroger Health Booklet and Auto Body ToolMart catalog blow-in.

At Choice Media, Caruso's mailing address and fax number remain the same, but her new telephone number is 603/672-3338, and her new e-mail address is [email protected]

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