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Cartridge World gains improvements from NetSuite

Cartridge World, a NetSuite business-to-business e-commerce “power user,” has automated its entire e-commerce operations – from procurement to fulfillment to invoicing to financial reporting – with NetSuite Inc.’s software-as-a-service e-commerce platform.

Emeryville, CA.-based Cartridge World, the world’s fastest growing ink refilling retailer in the $80 billion printer cartridge industry, said it has successfully integrated NetSuite into its worldwide operations to oversee hundreds of off franchise locations and manage its rapidly growing business.

Specifically, NetSuite E-commerce helps the franchise locations order products and conduct business with Cartridge World North America.

Cartridge World, which refills empty ink cartridges and remanufactures empty toner cartridges for inkjet printers, laser printers, fax machines and photocopiers with brand-specific ink and toners, said that since implementing San Mateo, CA-based Netsuite as its e-commerce platform several years ago, the company has seen an exponential growth of 200 percent in sales to the more than 500 U.S. stores of Cartridge World, and more than 1,400 worldwide.

Previously, Cartridge World used QuickBooks and an internal Web store, but the company’s rapid growth was causing strains on data visibility and inventory coordination. In part, this was due to manual processes in fulfillment that created costly data entry errors and an international presence that posed expensive demands for disaster recovery and continuity assurance.

With NetSuite, Cartridge World also has saved $75,000 a year in personnel costs from streamlined inventory processes; is saving an additional $150,000 per year from on-demand availability and managed backups; and is providing real-time information and key metrics for the global organization.

Furthermore, Cartridge World is in the process of expanding its use of NetSuite in myriad ways, including linking all suppliers’ inventory to Cartridge World via NetSuite’s SuiteFlex integration platform; allowing royalty payments from stores to be directly deposited into bank accounts; and consolidating global operations into one set of financial statements.

NetSuite enables companies to manage key business operations in a single system, which includes accounting/enterprise resource planning, customer relationship management and e-commerce. NetSuite is delivered as an on-demand service, and its real-time dashboard technology provides an easy-to-use view into role-specific business information that is always up-to-date.

NetSuite has more than 1,500 business-to-business and business-to-consumer e-commerce customers around the globe.

NetSuite also recently announced a new release of NetSuite e-commerce functionality, which extends the benefits of software as a service-applications to meet the needs of mid-sized companies’ ecommerce operations. The new features – including multichannel, multi-store, multicurrency and multi-language support and automated Amazon.com-like up-sell/cross-sell capability – enable mid-sized companies to efficiently automate both their BTB and BTC operations without the cost and pain of developing complex custom applications.

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