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Cartier’s marketing head visits BTS’s V at military base

"Cartier Visits BTS"
“Cartier Visits BTS”

Aaron Kang, Marketing head at Cartier, recently visited BTS’s V, real name Kim Taehyung, at his military training base. Kang shared images of his visit on Instagram, showcasing the base and a banner celebrating V’s 11th debut anniversary.

Kang’s post illustrates his admiration for V’s commitment to his military service. He also extended Cartier’s pride for having an ambassador as dedicated as V. The post was received with excitement by both BTS and Cartier fans worldwide.

Kang was able to provide BTS fans, collectively known as ‘ARMY’, exclusive glimpses into V’s life at the base and his military service journey. A sneak peek of artwork within the base, symbolizing V’s 11 years with BTS, was also shared.

Cartier executive’s visit to BTS’s V in military

The posts were flooded with affirmations from the global fanbase.

Kang further detailed that the meeting unfolded without any hitches, showing pictures of black cards labeled ‘Security’ and ‘No Filming.’ These photos emphasized the strict protocols adhered to during the visit.

Kim Taehyung’s dedication, popularity, and endearing humility have fostered a deep connection with his fans. They value him as an army recruit, friend, performer, and son. His love for his family, commitment to duty, and talent on stage have only fortified this bond.

Despite his service commitments, V took a temporary hiatus to meet a fellow member discharged from the Army’s Fifth Infantry Division Recipient Battalion on June 12, 2024. Other BTS members also attended this occasion, further illustrating their camaraderie.

V began his military service on December 11, 2023, at the Army Corps of Chuncheon in Gangwon Province. Fans and fellow BTS members await a reunion post the completion of their military services in 2025.

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