Carriers Partner With Gryphon for DNC Compliance

Verizon and Sprint entered into co-marketing agreements with Gryphon Networks to offer do-not-call compliance services to outbound telemarketing customers of the two national carriers, Gryphon said yesterday.

Sprint customers will be offered a solution that uses Gryphon DNC technology and Sprint voice services. The system automatically blocks calls to numbers contained on state DNC lists and, when implemented later this year, the federal DNC list.

In addition, outbound calling agents can, upon request of consumers, add to the list of blocked numbers by using a touch-tone keypad entry system.

For telemarketers using manual-dial systems, a compliance solution is available that uses interactive voice response as an interface with outbound calling agents in between calls. The system prompts agents to enter the next number to be dialed, then delivers the call for the agent.

Verizon, which recently began offering long-distance service, will start offering compliance services to Fortune 1000 companies, Gryphon said. Like Sprint customers, Verizon telemarketing customers will have access to automatic call blocking, an IVR compliance system for manual dialing and the capability of adding numbers to the call-blocking list upon request by consumers.

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