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Carney Direct Receives Fraud Judgment Against TCI

GuideStar Inc.'s Carney Direct Marketing unit, Irvine, CA, received a judgment of $39,366 in damages against TCI Direct, also known as Thulin Communications.

The total damages, including $25,000 in punitive damages for fraud, stem from a lawsuit brought by Carney Direct in 1995 for TCI’s failure to return $14,366 in prepayments for orders that were never delivered.

“After five years and a lot of hard work, I think it is clear that TCI Direct could have handled themselves in a different manner,” says Peter J. Carney, president and owner of Carney Direct.

The May 1999 decision of Los Angeles Superior Court Judge David M. Schacter led to the conclusion of the case with TCI’s withdrawal from the appellate court last week.

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