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Cardinal Distribution Allows company to Stool Formula Distribution

Cardinal Distribution last month lifted an exclusive distribution agreement with Shaman.com, allowing Shaman Pharmaceuticals to expand its retail distribution to the CVS ProCare chain of pharmacies.

Before the agreement, Medicine Shoppe International was the only retail pharmacy chain allowed to carry Shaman’s Normal Stool Formula.

CVS ProCare, a Cardinal customer, will double the number of its retail outlets in the next 12 months. The pharmacy serves patients who take high-cost, complex drug therapies for conditions including cancer and AIDS.

Shaman believes its Normal Stool Formula can help patients suffering from irritable bowel syndrome; side effects from chemotherapy, radiation treatments, bone marrow and organ transplants; and side effects from medications prescribed to AIDS patients.

Shaman also will focus its efforts on expanding distribution through entire pharmacy chains, such as Stradtlanders and Statscript’s, that currently sell Normal Stool Formula in select stores.

Shaman officials said more than 20 percent of monthly sales are due to customer reorder. The company is offering a free sample to customers who order by phone directly from the company or online at www.shaman.com.

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