CardFlex direct response units set for quick action

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Improving the speed of lead generation

CardFlex, a b-to-b company that provides transaction processing services and payment technologies, conducts the majority of its lead generation work through its in-house direct response marketing unit. That department reports to Dave Holman, internal sales director, who reports to Jaime Gonzalez, the company’s VP of business development. Gonzales reports directly to CEO Andrew Phillips.

While primarily using telemarketing, CardFlex also finds new business through agents and referral partners who generate leads from conferences, industry organizations and strategic partnerships. The company also has application intake units, which follow up on new business applications. CardFlex organized its direct response marketing unit to capture possible business leads and follow up on them as quickly as possible.

“CardFlex has a wide path for capturing prospects,” said Ed Barbara, the company’s chief revenue officer. “In addition to inside and outside sales with agents, we also attend a number of industry shows to ensure we are getting in front of as many potential clients as possible.”

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