Carbite Golf to Use DRTV to Build Brand, Elicit Direct Sales

Carbite Golf will use a mix of direct response television advertisements in an effort to build branding and spur direct response sales for its new putter and wedge lines.

The ads will promote the CAP Series Putters and the Polar Balanced Wedge series. Carbite Golf will use a long-form infomercial and 30- and 60-second spots to promote the clubs by early March.

The long-form ad will be hosted by Fuzzy Zoeller, former U.S. Open and Masters champion, and will feature information about the clubs and an instructional demonstration set on a golf course. The short-form ads will feature an image of the clubs. Both advertisements will direct customers to a toll-free telephone number or the Web site,, to place orders or receive additional information. The company is still determining the upsells associated with the campaign.

The focus of the campaign is to drive both retail and direct sales and to build brand for the new product line. The clubs will also be available at the roughly 4,500 retail golf centers that distribute Carbite Golf products.

“Our technology is involved and hard to explain in a short advertisement,” said John Pierandozzi, president/CEO of Carbite Golf, San Diego. “We are pretty well-known for our retail sales. For each person that calls the toll-free phone number, at least seven or eight will seek out the clubs themselves at golf centers.”

The clubs will retail for $129.95 each, Pierandozzi said, adding that the company will test different price packages. The CAP series will be available in three body styles, and the Polar Balanced Wedge series will consist of four models.

Though Carbite Golf historically has targeted 35- to 60-year-old males, Pierandozzi said the company also will try to reach a younger market with this more modern presentation of the product.

Carbite Golf will initially air the long-form infomercial in warmer U.S. regions and will move to the remainder of the country as spring approaches. The 30- and 60-second ads will air nationally upon the campaign's launch.

“We want to get into the consumers' consciousness early in the season with the quick spots,” Pierandozzi said. He added that the short-form ads will enable the company to reach golf audiences during a sporting event, such as a national golf tournament.

The company plans to run the long- and short-form ads on golf-oriented stations, such as The Golf Channel, and on regional and national sports cable channels. Time slots for the campaigns have not been determined yet.

The DRTV campaigns are being produced and scripted by Caudill & Associates, Anaheim, CA.

“We are using the long-form format to educate and brand,” said Bob Caudill, president of Caudill & Associates.

Fulfillment for the new products will be handled inhouse, and a majority of the phone-based customer service will be outsourced. Carbite Golf is in the process of selecting a telemarketing company.

Carbite Golf will also launch a print campaign by early March, Pierandozzi said, adding that media placement has not been finalized yet.

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