Caples rewards and inspires

The work within this book began with an idea. That concept was then brought to life through conversation, testing and hard work from the creative professionals listed as winners. Tonight is about pausing to honor that original brilliance. It’s also about celebrating the process of collaboration and sheer dedication that it takes to see big ideas take shape. DMNews and our parent company Haymarket Media are honored to be taking part in this important celebration of creative.

Many direct marketers understand the disciplined work required to meet objectives. However, the Caples community knows just how crucial it is to take a pause from this work as well. Looking up from your work allows new ideas to shape; old ideas to find form and, most importantly, enables you to see the work being done around you. This year’s special award winners embody moments of interaction between consumer and brand amid the hectic pace of technology growth. Please take a break to enjoy the international selection of innovative solutions to direct marketing problems; I hope it inspires you to create your own answers.

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