Capitalize on all areas of mobile marketing

Mobile has the potential to amplify any marketing channel while at the same time connecting everything, from TV to print to online. Most marketers have not been taking full advantage of the fourth screen, and as a result are leaving money on the table. ?

The market for remote mobile payments will reach more than $2.5 billion by 2014, and mobile coupon use will triple by then, with more than 300 million consumers worldwide using mobile coupons at a redemption value of $6 billion, according to Juniper Research. ?

The fourth screen is a valuable channel to attract new and retain existing customers. Incorporate these three strategies for more successful mobile marketing campaigns.?

  1. Use mobile couponing. ?Offering consumers real-time offers and discounts while also appealing to a younger and more affluent demographic can increase redemption rates up to 30% by some estimates. One UK-based furniture store used mobile coupons as the call to action in its TV advertising campaign. Viewers simply sent a text message to a short code featured in the ad and received a discount coupon redeemable in store. The campaign was 10 times more effective than comparable email campaigns. ?The first step to incorporating mobile couponing is to ensure customers know these services exist. Take advantage of location-based services that alert a customer to an available coupon as they walk into a store.?
  2. Leverage quick response (QR) codes. QR codes can be used for a wide range of purposes, from simply redirecting to a website to connecting users to a dedicated mobile experience. Different QR codes require different readers. Consider leveraging a QR code service that uses any mobile device’s camera and MMS capability to trigger response so your campaign is accessible to a wider range of customers.?
  3. Link to CRM. Make the mobile campaign relevant to individual consumers. Leverage your customer data to target these consumers and their preferences with more precision. Marketers should analyze the real-time data that is available to adapt offers accordingly.
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