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Canva launches AI-based enterprise solution for efficient design

AI-Based Solution
AI-Based Solution

Visual creative tech firm, Canva, has unveiled its latest offering, Canva Enterprise. Tailored to the needs of large businesses, this new product integrates artificial intelligence (AI) technology to both automate and refine design and content creation. With its advanced features, Canva Enterprise is set to redefine and unclasp the potential of brand management and team collaboration.

Enthusiastically received at the world-renowned event, Canva Create, the new product is part of Canva’s ongoing commitment to consistently innovate and make design accessible and efficient for all types of businesses. The attendees were extremely receptive and optimistic about Canva Enterprise’s future prospects.

As a comprehensive solution, Canva Enterprise equips teams to manage and produce visual content efficiently. The platform will capitalize on AI technology, leveraging the advancements in the company’s Magic Studio suite and Visual Suite, ensuring design consistency, resource management, and collaboration efficiencies.

AI integration in Canva’s enterprise solution

Simultaneously, enterprises would benefit from reduced complex and repetitive tasks.

With 185 million active users per month and being utilized by 95% of Fortune 500 companies, Canva’s wide-ranging and groundbreaking tech solutions have indeed set it apart in the industry. Besides, the user-friendly interface and emphasis on data security and customer satisfaction make it a favorite among industry professionals.

Available on a subscription model, Canva Enterprise boasts advanced administrative controls and robust security measures, thereby ensuring strict compliance with brand guidelines. The model allows management to customize and streamline the platform and provides priority support, further enhancing the user experience. A dedicated account management team is available to aid with platform queries and issues.

Keeping organizational needs in focus, Canva Enterprise includes ‘Work Kits’. These kits consist of tools, templates, and custom instructions designed to assist different teams like Marketing, HR, and Sales in their respective tasks, thereby boosting efficiency across the board.

In conclusion, underlining Canva’s commitment to innovation and user-centric approach is the launch of its AI-driven Photo Editor. This single-platform solution solidifies the company’s position in the digital landscape, accommodating the ever-evolving user requirements and technological innovations.

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