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Can’t-Miss Tips for Putting Behavioral Marketing into Action

People go through up to 70 percent of the buying process before interacting with a brand, which means understanding how they make purchasing decisions is essential to capturing their business. How can marketers already feeling crushed by day-to-day tasks move to a more behavior-driven approach that enables them to better understand and engage contacts?

Join IBM’s David Pyrzenski as he dives into the topic and shares tips and insights on how you can use behavioral marketing to deliver an improved customer experience. Listen in as David discusses how to generate more revenue from happier customers by:

  • Determining your ideal marketing approach and mapping out a plan to get there 
  • Examining the customer journey and how you can best educate contacts along the way
  • Mastering every channel to influence the buying process
  • Using data-driven personalization to boost response rates and add business value
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