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Cannes Lions Expands 'Agency of the Year' to Direct, Interactive

The International Advertising Festival, also known as Cannes Lions, this year will present the Direct Agency of the Year and the Interactive Agency of the Year awards at its 52nd annual event in the French Riviera resort of Cannes.

The London-based organizer said the awards will be based on the agencies winning the highest number of prizes in their categories during the festival. Cannes Lions awards agency of the year honors to the top-scoring shops in the press, outdoor and film categories.

The math for Direct Agency of the Year is based on all awards won in the Lions Direct category, plus up to a maximum of 10 short-listed entries. Similarly, the Interactive Agency of the Year award is for prizes in the Cyber Lions contest.

A tie will lead to a ranking of the importance of the prizes given. The score for a grand prix award is 10 points, gold Lion 7 points, silver Lion 5 points, bronze Lion 3 points and short-list position 1 point.

The Direct Agency of the Year trophy will be awarded June 21. The Interactive Agency of the Year prize will be presented the following night.

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