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Cannes Advertising Festival; ditching jargon for clear communication in advertising

"Clear Advertising"
“Clear Advertising”

The Cannes Advertising Festival, known for its bustling atmosphere and complex marketing jargon, has long led to a disconnect between marketing professionals and the average consumer. As professionals spout out jargon-filled pitches, consumers are left to decipher their meaning. This often leads to an unsettling alienation and downplays the impact of advertising campaigns.

Marketing expert Johnny Corbett discussed this disconnect in an article for MarketingWeek, where he cited Diageo CEO, Paul Walsh’s doubts on the direct impact of complex marketing verbiage on product sales. Corbett’s suggestion was clear: marketers need to ditch the jargon and embrace clear, simple, universally relatable language.

Recalling a personal case, Corbett spoke of a jargon-fuelled presentation falling flat with practical-minded factory workers. Their interests lie in clear, straightforward strategies for boosting sales and improving operational efficiency. The experience taught him an invaluable lesson – the need to adapt communication styles to the specific needs and interests of the audience.

Corbett stressed the need for marketers to burst their own bubbles, embrace diverse viewpoints, and continually adapt to achieve sustained growth.

Shifting to clarity in advertising language

He noted that stepping down from a high horse fuels innovation, personal development, and improved relationships.

Interestingly, Corbett found a combination of humor and visual elements to be highly effective in engaging the audience. He recalled that integrating comic elements into a presentation resulted in positive reactions from the audience. From then on, these elements have become a staple in his marketing strategy, fostering a deeper connection between consumers and brands.

In our fast-paced, digital world, catering to the consumer should be the central mission. Amidst complex algorithms and technological advancement, personalized interactions with consumers are crucial. Injecting humor into these interactions helps create a community atmosphere, keeping customers engaged and feeling valued. Additionally, a good laugh rejuvenates the team and boosts creativity and productivity.

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