Canadian Lawmakers Introduce No-Call Bill

Canadian legislators introduced a bill yesterday that would create a telemarketing no-call list for the nation's 31.4 million consumers.

Members of the House of Commons, Canada's main legislative body, proposed the bill shortly before going into recess for the Christmas holiday. If passed, the bill would authorize the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission to create a no-call list and fine telemarketers who violate it.

Canada will hold public hearings concerning the launch of the list, and the full process to implementation may take a year. The list has the support of the Canadian Marketing Association, Canada's main marketing trade group.

“While CMA has a do-not-contact service, which is mandatory for its members, many companies are not CMA members and therefore not subject to the same rules,” John Gustavson, president/CEO of the CMA, said in a statement. “Without strict laws regulating organizations that use the telephone to market their goods and services, the industry risks losing its right to use this valuable marketing channel to acquire new customers.”

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