**Canada Post Introduces Two New Services

NEW ORLEANS — Canada Post Corp. announced two new services designed to increase the flow of mail from U.S. direct marketers into Canada at the DMA conference here yesterday.

One service, Dimensional Addressed AdMail, allows direct marketers to send dimensional mail such as free samples and videos at a lower-than-traditional cost from the United States to Canadian customers.

The service, which essentially increases the maximum thickness of regularly addressed AdMail by more than 40 percent, allows mailers to send bigger packages for 30 cents to $1.01 (U.S. dollars) as opposed to the Canadian parcel rates, which can run anywhere from $3 to $9 (USD).

Dimensional Addressed AdMail comes in three sizes — small, medium and large — to give users a range of creative freedom while still being cost-effective.

Terry Dunn, director of Addressed AdMail at Canada Post, said the new service is attractive to marketers because it lets them send dimensional mail to Canadians at a lower cost and essentially “stand out, be noticed and get results.”

The other service Canada Post introduced was WebDriver, a postcard program designed especially for brick-and-mortar stores with a Web presence, for catalogers with a Web presence, or for pure-play dot-com companies. The service allows these companies to send a postcard direct mail piece — created exclusively to help increase Web traffic — for 20 percent less than the regular cost of Machineable Addressed AdMail. The price took effect this month and will continue until March 31. After that, the price may change back or stay the same.

Dunn said that one of the reasons Canada Post introduced this service is “catalogers have stopped sending catalogs to Canadian customers because of the exchange rate. … This service gives catalogers and Web marketers a cheaper way to get the word out about their sites.”

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