Can Ad Tech Bring Down the High Cost of Getting Elected?

Since Barack Obama brought Mitt Romney to heel in 2012 with a groundbreaking targeted email strategy, candidates have been paying special attention to honing their inbox personas. But at this stage of the election process, what they’re looking for there is cash to pay for television commercials. Barack and Mitt together spent close to a billion dollars on TV ads in ’12, a lot of it wasted considering only about 57% of voters showed up at the polls.

One of the digital agencies working to bring political campaigns into the world of one-to-one marketing, Targeted Victory, this week upgraded a  product to help candidates wring the most out of their TV dollars. Its Audience Based Television Buying tool is a self-service programmatic buying system that combines segment analysis and voter behavioral data with set top box viewing data to help campaigns place ads when and where real voters might actually see them.   

“When we initially released the audience based television buying tool, our mission was to use technology to bring transparency and accessibility to television media buying for campaigns of all sizes,” says Michael Beach, co-founder of Targeted Victory. “With this latest update, we’ve taken that transparency and accessibility to an entirely new level.” 

That new level actually brings availability of such technology down a level—from national and statewide campaigns to the district.  The program’s dashboard lets campaign staffers target items such as age, gender, and political affiliation by congressional district and then provides a media plan within minutes.

Targeted Victory’s other co-founder, Zac Moffatt, served as Romney’s digital director in 2012.

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