Campaigner launches enhanced timing tool

E-mail marketing provider Campaigner launched a new feature today aimed at further automating client campaigns. The software, dubbed Workflows, allows deployment of targeted messaging at a specific time, date, event or action.

“Blasting is diminishing as an effective form of e-mail marketing,” explained Luc Vezina, VP of marketing and product management at Campaigner. “Open and click-through rates for e-mail that is not targeted have declined.”

He said that his company had been in discussion with several clients about the importance of relevant and automated timing before launching the tool. Several clients have signed on to use the service, though so far none have used the tool long enough to have reportable statistics, according to Vezina.

Earlier versions of the software-as-a-service tool focused on list segmentation targeting capabilities. The latest system provides marketers the ability to select a trigger event or timeframe, filter a list of the correct contacts, select a variety of customized campaigns for various list segments and assign value fields for tracking specific contacts once the campaign has been sent.

“It’s a paradox, but we are moving towards mass personalization,” Vezina said. He added that smaller businesses have the most to gain from using automated e-mail services.

Campaigner boasts more than 10,000 midsize and small business clients and Vezina said that the company’s largest growth had been for the midsize business sector. It has also provided e-mail marketing services for larger clients such as Nokia, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Nielsen Media Research and AT&T.

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