Call Mobile Rehab: U.S. Adults Are Serious App-aholics

According to Nielsen’s 2014 Cross-Platform Report released this week, Americans aged 18 and over spent a monthly average of 43 hours and 31 minutes connecting with content via mobile apps or Web browsers during this year’s second quarter. That compares with only 33 hours and 48 minutes during the same period last year, a nearly 10-hour swing that computes to people spending about 20 minutes more a day connected to their mobile devices.

Other meaningful statistics from the report:

  • Average smartphone users have 42 apps on their devices, though half of them say they tap into only one to four a day. One third access five to nine.
  • Tablets generally host fewer apps—35 on average. Usage level is about the same as with smartphones, with 89% of tablet owners saying they access fewer than 10 a day.
  • African Americans (53 hours) and Hispanics (49 hours) index higher for app usage than the general population.
  • Apps are moving beyond tablets and phones. Smart TV owners have an average of 12 apps on their living room screens, and wearable downloaders have four.
  • Only for the lonely? Seventy percent of those surveyed by Nielsen said they dove into their apps when alone, 68% when they were bored, and 61% when they were waiting for someone or something.

Nielsen’s findings were taken from online surveys of 3,743 respondents aged 13 and over who had downloaded an app within the previous 30 days. The above results pertain only to adults.

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