California encourages tourists to ‘Live Like ?a Californian’ in marketing campaign

The Offer: Entrants to the California Travel & Tourism Commission‘s (CTTC) “Live Like a Californian” sweepstakes have the opportunity to win one of eight weekly grand prize trips to the Golden State to spend time with a celebrity who embodies California culture. Participants who answer a short quiz can be entered into the drawing. Other weekly prizes include a $250 gift card and two round-trip tickets to one of five California destinations. ?

?The Data: The only data needed to take each quiz is a name and an email address. After signing up, users receive an email allowing them to search deals on California travel as well as download a PDF of its 2011 California travel guide. The campaign runs from April 25 through June 19.?

?The Channel: The campaign lives on both a microsite and CTTC’s Facebook page, which users must become fans of in order to enter via the social media portal. Upon completing the quiz, each entrant is invited to share with a friend for a bonus entry. ?

?The Creative: Creative highlights the personality and accomplishments of the celebrity individuals, as well as the unique aspects of California culture that each represents. Celebrities include Betty White, musician Jason Mraz and extreme skier Glen Plake. The CTTC worked with travel marketing company DCI Marketing on the social media campaign. ?


Herschell Gordon Lewis heads LewisEnterprises in Pompano Beach, Fla.
He writes copy for, consults with,
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A sweepstakes that combines ease of entering, recognizable prizes and no loss of image for either entrants or sponsor has a lot going for it. That’s why using names such as Betty White, locations such as Disneyland and an easy online quiz as the instrument are an automatic image builder. Participation is relatively simple and casual, and the payoff for all parties is positive publicity at a nominal cost.?

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