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Cahners Boosts Legal Offerings

Cahners Business Lists, Des Plaines, IL, has brought the 400,735-name Lexis-Nexis Online Legal Subscribers list to the market, adding legal support staff to a universe that includes law databases with more than 1.2 million names combined.

The list is a collaboration between Cahners and the Lexis-Nexis research service, both subsidiaries of English/Dutch publishing firm Reed-Elsevier. Cahners also manages the 800,000-name Martindale-Hubbell Law Directory, Martindale-Hubbell Sole Practitioners and the Parker Directory of California Attorneys.

Cahners is introducing the Lexis Law Publishing list Oct. 15, and it includes 150,000 mail-order buyers of legal books and materials from catalogers Michie, Shepard's and Matthew Bender. It also plans to consolidate all of its names into a master database that will be available early next year.

“In total, this will give us without question the largest legal database in the industry,” said Mike Doepke, Cahners executive director of sales and marketing.

The Lexis-Nexis Online file provides names of attorneys not found in other Cahners databases and access to legal support staff, including librarians, law clerks and paralegals, who tend to use the service for research. Doepke said the file fills the need of marketers who want more than a firm's partners and other senior attorneys.

Law firms subscribe to Lexis-Nexis for access to cases and state and federal laws. Subscribers purchase proprietary software that allows them to dial into the Lexis-Nexis library via modem. Connection via the Internet is under development. The Lexis-Nexis legal service has been available since 1973.

Pricing depends on the size of the firm. Smaller firms pay for slices of the library by state or specialty while larger corporate customers are charged a yearly rate that includes multiple log ons. Subscriber type is one of seven selections available on the list. The rental rate is $100 per thousand names, and attorneys can additionally be selected by size of firm, legal specialty, job function, business type, gender and geography.

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