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CabinetM Launches New Stack Map Features

CabinetM, the discovery and management platform focused exclusively on marketing tech, announced today the release of a suite of new Stack Map features to help users better understand integrations and inter-dependencies among marketing stack solutions. The features will be especially useful for enterprise users. “Enterprise Marketing technology stacks are extremely complex, and it’s not unusual for organizations to use 100- 250 different tools at a time to acquire, engage, and retain customers,” said CEO Anita Brearton in a release.

Among the new features are:

  • User’s ability to document all integrations in their stack
  • Click on integration kinks to see data flow and integration details
  • Explore consequences of removing a solution from the stack
  • Show stack layers behind the Stack Map to see product categories

This video explains the makeover.

The free trial options are here.

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