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CA Assembly Passes E-Mail Ad Bill

Legislation passed by the California Assembly regarding the prohibition of the transmission of unsolicited advertising by e-mail will soon arrive on Gov. Pete Wilson's desk.

The bill, AB 1676, is an act to amend a section of the Business and Professions Code relating to advertising. It says: “No person conducting business in this state shall electronically mail (e-mail) unsolicited advertising material unless they establish a toll-free number or valid operated return e-mail address allowing the recipient to notify the sender not to e-mail any further unsolicited documents.”

The bill also states that the toll-free number they can call or the valid return e-mail address shall be the first text in the body of the message and the same size as the majority of the text of the message. The bill is applicable to any e-mail service provider qualified to do business in the state.

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