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C9 Brings Machine Learning to Lead Scoring

Following two years of development and a $30 million investment, C9 today introduces a predictive analytics service that the company claims can enable sales organizations to identify which deals in their pipelines they can focus on to produce an 80% close rate.

OppScore promises to accurately predict revenues for multiple quarters and provide specific guidance for salespeople to maximize win rates. “OppScore launches a new era in sales forecasting. Its predictive analytics provide early signals that tell sales teams how to mobilize around the right opportunities,” proclaims C9 VP of Products Justin Shriber.

C9 claims to have made a breakthrough in lead scoring by building a repository of data on more than $2 trillion worth of opportunities over several years, including the hundreds of changes in data relating to a single account during its presence in the pipeline. Using machine learning to analyze factors that either secured or derailed deals with accounts in the past, OppScore suggests tactics to encourage account behaviors that speed the sales cycle.

 C9’s current client list includes Google, Pitney Bowes, and Yahoo.

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