Bust draws readers with event marketing

Bust magazine is holding an all-day crafts fair and dance party on April 27, in an effort to spread brand recognition and entice new readers to subscribe.

The Bust Spring Fling Craftacular is modeled on the magazine’s Holiday Craftacular, which usually draws thousands of people. More than 50 craft vendors will be present at the Brooklyn-based event; dancing, photos and a raffle will also be featured.

“Crafting has been a part of many women’s lives for a long time, but currently, there is a newer and more rock n’ roll attitude and eco-fashionably hip sensibility that has boosted the craft movement,” said Maggie Tam Clark, associate publisher of advertising and marketing for Bust. Bust has had a big role in making crafting cool with young women and even men. By Bust having an event that is part of our magazine content, the Craftacular added a way to bring our new and loyal readers even closer to being fully immersed in Bust‘s lifestyle brand.

“Throwing Bust‘s Craftacular is bar none the most successful and unique event element that we’ve brought to our magazine branding,” she added.

Aimed at highly educated, creative, independent females age 18-34, the Craftacular is widely promoted through word of mouth and online networks. Bust also placed in-house ads in the magazine and on the Web site and online community boards such as MySpace and Facebook.

Bust has such an incredibly loyal fan base of women and men around the globe that believe in our indie and DIY ethos; they have been voluntarily spreading the word on their sites and blogs,” Clark noted. “Bust has a unique online community on Bust’s Girl Wide Web, and we send them and our BUSTline [e-newsletter] e-mail updates on the Craftacular. They help us get the word out!”

This sort of audience support is what drove Clark to launch the Spring event. It also inspired plans for new events to launch in other cities this year.

Bust, published six times a year, has a rate base of 93,500. The women’s lifestyle magazine focuses on pop culture, music, crafting, fashion, sex and news.

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