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BusinessWeek launches CIC for deeper look into business landscape

BusinessWeek has released a global Company Insight Center that will rival Bloomberg’s.

The Company Insight Center will nearly triple the size of BusinessWeek.com and further solidify its position as the most comprehensive free business and financial information resource on the Internet.

BusinessWeek.com will have stats on more than 42,000 public companies, 322,000 private companies, as well as over a million executives and board directors who run these companies.

The CIC will enable individual investors, researchers, students, managers and other business professionals to access information on companies, markets and people.

There will also be extensive coverage of international stocks from more than 50 of the world’s largest stock exchanges.

The CIC allows users to view detailed information on every member of a company’s board of directors and those who sit on each committee and what role they play.

This access allows users to locate possible irregularities or conflicts of interests.

CIC will enable users to vote and tell the market whether a company will meet, miss or beat Wall Street’s consensus earnings estimates.

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