Burger King Uses Web, TV, DRTV, Posters for New BK Stacker Sandwich

Burger King is using the Internet and direct response television along with branded TV spots and posters to promote its new BK Stacker Sandwich: layers of meat, cheese and bacon – hold the produce, please.

The Miami-based restaurant chain is running TV ads showing how BK Stacker sandwiches are built.

Those ads show a crew of miniature construction workers from the BK Stackers Union stacking patty after patty of flame-broiled meat, cheese and bacon topped with BK Stacker sauce. They create double, triple and quad BK Stacker sandwiches.

In the online component, 2.5-inch collectible figures of some of these characters from the TV spots are now available at Burger King. A set of three figures, including Vin the Foreman, the Kid and the Cheese Welder, cost $13.99, plus tax.

Beginning July 10, more information will be available through DRTV ads airing on cable network programming.

Large format posters promoting the BK Stackers also will go up on several construction sites in major cities nationwide.

The BK Stacker is now a permanent addition to the Burger King menu. Two, three or four burger patties are sandwiched between a sesame seed bun with slices of melted American cheese and up to eight slices of crispy bacon and smothered in BK Stacker sauce.

Burger King said the bigger the burger, the more the bacon and cheese.

The BK Double Stacker costs $2.49, BK Triple Stacker $3.29 and the BK Quad Stacker $3.99. A medium soft drink and medium fries costs an extra $1.50.

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