Bungee connects CRM to data

Bungee Labs has released Web applications that allow users to link software-as-a-service (SaaS) CRM silos to third party data sources.

The applications, added to the Bungee Connect platform-as-a-service, allow users to connect on-demand CRM programs like Salesforce.com to databases, ERP systems, inventory management applications, e-commerce APIs and other sources. The system also works with NetSuite and Oracle CRM on Demand.

“The reason we focused on CRM first is that CRM has shown to be one of the great success stories of SaaS, and these three have done a great job of conveying the benefits of SaaS,” said Brad Hintze, director of product marketing for Bungee Labs. “Businesses are looking for new ways to connect CRM information with data from the rest of the organization. As they’ve seen the benefits of SaaS and moved over to on-demand applications, they really enjoy the flexibility it provides but can see even more value from connecting that with other data sources.”

Users have access to development, testing, deployment and hosting from Bungee Connect on a single on-demand platform. Bungee deploys a utility billing model, meaning it charges only for actual use of the technology, rather than upfront licensing fees.

“The big picture is that the majority of small to midsize businesses out there desire to interact with multiple sets of data, but because of existing technology licensing models, it’s not financially or timely feasible to have applications that tie those systems together,” added Lyle Ball, VP of marketing at Bungee Labs. “So our type of technology, the platform-as-a-service-derived Web applications that we build, will enable the industry to have enterprise-level functionality accessible by small to midsize businesses.”

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