Bullhorn shouts out to database with test

Bullhorn, a software provider for the staffing and recruiting industry, recently used e-mail marketing to increase customer engagement.

On July 14, the firm sent an e-mail inviting recruiters to take an online interactive test, called the Recruiter IQ Series and developed with First Advantage Assessment Solutions, to assess their base of industry knowledge. The e-mail garnered an 18% open rate and a 20% click-through rate.

“Our customers like to be engaged in interactive ways, and to receive offers that have value,” said Joe Cordo, VP of marketing at Bullhorn. “They don’t want to receive e-mails just to receive e-mails, they want to receive an offer that is emotionally tied to their business, and they value knowledge about recruiting.”

The e-mail pushing the Bullhorn Recruiter IQ Series was sent to 34,000 names in Bullhorn’s internal database, specifically targeting recruiters director level and above in the North American region. So far, the company has reported a 2.6% conversion rate from the e-mails.

“They are sales people who are ego-driven, so we felt that this would be a successful e-mail because they are curious about how they stack up against other people,” Cordo added.

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