Building red, white & blue demand for a product is a winner, a consumer says

This direct mailer caught me off guard. Since the postcard was red, white and blue, I thought it was another political statement for the Democratic National Convention being held next week in Denver. But it was a campaign for George Jetson. My curiosity got the best of me, so I went to the personal URL that it offered,, and was greeted with music and a discussion on change. But not Barack Obama’s change. It was a short little blurb on how to make your direct marketing materials more powerful and relevant by using a personal URL in conjunction with powerful color and personal­ization. It even discussed how to measure your success. I thought the mailer was timely, because it raised my natural curiosity during this political season by using red, white and blue. Additionally, the personal URL was a great way to invoke a call to action further link­ing together direct mail with the Web. In fact, we purchased the software.

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