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Build your e-mail list following five strategies

Internet users are becoming pickier about the number of e-mails and the types of e-mails that they sign up to receive. On top of that, the economy has put a damper on consumer spending, which means that the interest for certain products or services is now dwindling away as well. Combine these two issues together and many companies find that building an e-mail list is more challenging now than it has ever been. Yet as advances in the Internet, social media and technology move forward, there are a number of ways to help you effectively build your e-mail list. Here’s a sampling of e-mail list strategies to consider.

The term “newsletter” frankly is a little boring and it also poses some questions for those who are being asked to sign up for it. What will the newsletter include? How often will the user receive the newsletter? Rather than calling it a newsletter, more excitement needs to be injected. For example, “Sign up to receive 5 new blogging tips every week” is more exciting and answers questions that the user may have.

One of the easiest ways to increase the number of people who sign up for your e-mail list is to place a sign up box on your website if one is not already there. The box should be eye catching and it should be on the upper fold of the website and in the sidebar area. Don’t make people work to find it.

Once you have an e-mail sign up box on your website, consider your social media channels. You may have users who visit your Facebook page more often than your website and there might be other customers that have visited your Facebook page but have never come to your website. You are missing out on millions of potential e-mail opt-ins if you do not make use of social media.

It is very difficult for an organization’s name to land high in the search engine results for broad-based key phrases that are only one or two words long. To get more traffic to your website and to increase the chances of people signing up for your e-mail list, try using long-tail, highly targeted key phrases to reach your niche audience.

List building does not just stop once a person signs up to receive your information. In order to increase your chances of your e-mails being forwarded to other people, use exciting headlines and make sure the information you include is quality information.

Curt Dalton is CEO of The Internet Time Machine, which analyzes search keywords and phrases to provide market research to organizations.

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