Bud Light breaks new ground in keyword bidding with rollover video ads

Bidding on targeted keywords is not new, but this execution is certainly noteworthy. The ad seen here was based on a content bid for the term “eat and drink.” When a user rolls over the in-page phrase, a 15-second Bud Light video advertisement pops up and launches almost instantly. The audio and voice-over are not overpowering, and the video itself is unembellished; all of which suit the petite video forum and keep the ad from being too obtrusive. This works on a number of levels. The first is that it gets users’ attention. Video already accomplishes this in more traditional applications – because motion stands out against static text and backgrounds, incorporating video in this unexpected manner can make a big impression. in-page rollover ads are not widely used in general, so incorporating a pop-up video advertisement also sets this ad apart from the rest on the page. From a relevancy standpoint, this ad placement leaves a little to be desired because those reading the in-text phrase “eat and drink” might not be looking to do either at that given moment; however, I think that the sheer unexpected nature of this ad would drive a good amount of users to Bud Light’s landing page.

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