B-to-B ad network Inflection Point Media launches

Business-to-business ad network, Inflection Point Media (IPM), has opened its doors in South Norwalk, CT.

The company’s portfolio consists of 10 top level and over 50 sub-level B-to-B sites, which combined have nearly 32 million monthly users. Essentially, IPM uses search and behavioral targeting to identify business buyers, track and collect data and puts the user into one of 150 segments so they can be retargeted.

For retargeting, IPM is working with distribution network Revenue Science’s Targeting Marketplace, which has about 3,500 sites in its network,” said Chris Hulse, CEO and founder of IPM.

“Anytime our segments reappear on one of their sites we retarget a relevant ad to them based on their known intent,” Hulse said.

Hulse explained that the network is effective in targeting business owners who typically have a longer and more complex purchase cycle than the average consumer.

“It’s not your typical click-and-convert type of thing,” Hulse said. “These people will put themselves into the market and then 36 to 90 days later pull the trigger.”

The economy also is playing a role in how marketers are reaching their targets today, Hulse said.

“We’re in a recession. So when you look at marketers and you have trouble finding people in the market for the specific product or service you’re selling, it’s even harder now,” Hulse said. “What we do is take known data and put the right offer in front of the right person at the right time: as they’re considering a product or service to build and grow their business.”

IPM’s network includes StartUpNation.com, SBTV.com and American City Business Journals’ network of over 60 sites.

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